Peacefuls’ Oath of Equality

I am Peaceful. I beeliv in Equality. I beeliv in more Equality. Mah religion is Equality. Equality means Peace.

3 Laws of Peaceful Halal slaughtering

Why peaceful kills animals.

Peaceful- A Complete Human!

Know human-like qualities of peaceful!

Zakir Naik proves Ganesha is False God

Ganesha is false God. Wallah is true God. Dog is true dog.

Ram did not Exist? Pigeral vs Hindu!

As per Indian liberals, Ram did not exist coz there is no video recording. Profit existed because there is no cartoon of his!

Peaceful’s Open Letter to the World

Do you know why Peaceful demands quota in education and jobs despite being most competent creature on planet?

10 Signs of an Indian Pigeral

Exposing Indian fake liberals.

Why Peaceful doesn’t Eat Pig

What you don't know about Peaceful and pig.

Peaceful Mocks Hindu for Caste system

Peaceful says Hindus have caste system that divides humanity. Faints when asked why his religion divides people into believers and non-believers!

Dirty Linga Worshipper vs Peaceful

Peaceful asks Hindu, why do you worship Linga! Hindu replies. Peaceful stunned for the first time.