Peaceful : Stop worshipping false gods. Accept mah true God.

FGR : Hey peaceful, why did your God create us?

Peaceful : So that we can worship Him.

Non Peaceful : So He wanted to get worshipped? He has desires like us mortals?

Peaceful : No. Its us who get benefited from worship not God. Mah God doesn’t want anything.

Non Peaceful : So God created us for our benefit? Its like below debate b/w God and FGR

1. God: I will slap Kallu.

2. FGR: Why?

3. God: For his benefit.

4. FGR: Ok, but where is Kallu?

5. God: I need to create him.

6. FGR: But why create him in first place?

7. God: So that I can slap him for his benefit.

Go to 1 and this circle 1 to 7 to 1… goes till eternity. This also proves that earth is spherical according to our book full of science.

Peaceful God wins debate.

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