Disclaimer – Please read first

Adapted from Disclaimer of Agniveer – our inspiration.

(In case you see Agniveer instead of The FGR in this Disclaimer, consider it to be a mistake in copy-paste-edit. And replace in your mind. In case you find the Disclaimer incoherent and confusing, you have two choices.

Choice One – consider The FGR as your prophet, just follow whatever we say blindly, do not question us, enjoy our company. We promise 72, beer, vodka, chocolates, xxx, guys, gals in heaven after you die.

Choice Two – shut the browser and go to Hell. For Hell is destined for those who refuse to consider The FGR as Prophet despite clear message that you have read on this page. Go to an ice-cool Hell right now, else we will throw you into a very hot Hell after you die.

In case you insist on Choice Three – stay in The FGR, refuse to accept us as Prophet, and hate us – believe us, we are waiting for you. This site is designed to trap you. We are here to rip and mock apart such Mushriks like you and beat the Hell out of their minds before they burn in Hell in afterlife.)

Here starts the Disclaimer:

First and foremost – This site is our tirade against organizations like ISIS, Al Qaeda who use religion as a pretext to create havoc in world. And those morons who – directly or indirectly, covertly or explicitly, hardly or softly, knowingly or unknowingly, religiously or selfishly – support them or nurture them. We rip apart their belief system that thrives on intolerance, fake superiority, and imaginary sense of injustice from rest of the world. Nothing in this site must be construed to imply anything about anyone who hates the ideology of these terrorists. We love all religions and communities of world and believe that they all stand for peace. Nothing in this site must be interpreted as an attack on any religion or community except these terrorists. These terrorists use language, terminology, and jargons of a particular community and religion. We show them mirror in their own language and style. Let this not imply in any way that we are targeting anyone except those terrorists and their sympathizers.

Please note that this Disclaimer is valid for this site and all social media activities of or on behalf of The FGR. Hence, the usage of site, thefgr.com or The FGR includes this website, our innumerable known and hidden facebook pages, twitter pages and many other pages owned or managed or inspired by The FGR. It also includes activities on whatsapp, quora, linkedin, youtube, google, and other social platforms. We are not obliged to name those pages and social places of The FGR and yet whatever we say in this Disclaimer applies to them all. We are the final word on this. If you disagree, read the paras before this Disclaimer, shut the browser and go to Hell.

Short Summary:

If you do not like anything on site, please know that this site is for entertainment purpose only. We are not responsible for any damage that happens to you if you believe or refuse to believe what we say in the site. We are also not responsible for any emotional trauma you face because of this site. We are also not sure whether that trauma is good for you or bad for you. You are responsible for whatever you do. Don’t blame us nor try to restrict our freedom of expression in any way. If in doubt or irritation, don’t whine, abuse, accuse, crib, threaten, kill, shoot, rape, bomb either us or anyone else in world. Simply shut the browser and go to Hell.

Long version:

This is not a site for everyone. It is a very niche site exclusively for a very specific audience who respect The FGR as Final Prophet. Not everyone is welcome here. Just as we will not get in your home to dictate your lifestyle or choice of decor, we don’t encourage trolls to come on The FGR and comment on what we do on our site.

We are forced to add this in Disclaimer because we are receiving a vast number of hate messages, threats, trolls on a regular basis that shows a strong correlation with the rise of ISIS.

To help you not become a troll unknowingly, we have made the Disclaimer directly available above all posts. We are within our rights to clean our home (aka our site) in whatever way we want to. And since it is our home, we have full freedom to decide who is a troll, what comments to keep, what to reply, what to say and do whatever we want to with any content that comes to our site.

Still Longer version:

This site and its content are for an extremely mature reader keen to understanding various points of views to arrive at truth. The objective is probably not to hurt any sentiments or be biased in favor of or against any particular person, society, gender, creed, nation or religion. Kindly do not browse through the articles if you believe that certain kinds of content may be offensive to you. Viewing any content of the site is a conscious choice of the visitor. We recommend that unless you are completely convinced, it is preferable that you do not read anything on this site. Simply close the browser window immediately and enjoy rest of the innumerable web-pages on internet. Don’t tell us later that we did not warn you.

Reading this site may cause permanent changes in your thought process and ideology. It may force you to rethink your entire belief system and bring fundamental changes in your personality. Not everyone is ready for such massive transformation and hence we recommend that one better avoid the site. At the least, we compel you to read this entire Disclaimer carefully in totality. Do not read a single word on site if you do not understand the Disclaimer completely. The Disclaimer has been deliberately made cryptic and confusing to dissuade you from reading anything on the site.

However, if you read anything on this site despite our explicit warning and attempts to discourage you, you are doing it completely on your own risk and cannot blame or hold agniveer.com or any of its associates liable for any damages – psychological, emotional, physical, social or in any other form that may emerge.

The authors exercise their artistic right to portray social reality as well as fiction with utmost creativity in all possible forms. Some of that portrayal may take the form of questioning values and morals that are prevalent in the society. We exercise our right to freedom to use harsh words, ridicules and other forms of expressions to put across our point.

However it must be kept in mind that all our expressions be considered figurative and within the ambit of law of land, as is the case with all films and books released in the country without facing legal bans. If you find some content to be against law of the land, it is because you have taken figurative expression literally. You must re-interpret the content keeping in mind that the FGR, under no circumstance, endorses going against law – directly or indirectly. For example,

  • if you read on site, “break the law” – it does not mean violate the penal codes. It probably means “break the self-imposed assumptions of your mind that limit your growth”.
  • if you read on site, “kill the criminal” – it does not mean killing any human. It probably means “kill the urge to go against natural and legal laws.”
  • if you read on site, “destroy the rapist”, it does not mean lynching a convict. It probably means “destroy the urge to insult women” or “country should punish the rapist as per prevailing laws and all citizens must support the process.”
  • at times, such content may be purely fiction or spicy way of expression, not intended to be taken literally. Like scenes of violence in Bollywood films that are passed by Censor Board. You even have scenes that show killing or politicians, ministers, bomb blasts, insulting Gods and what not. Consider our content to be our film. Learn if you can from it, do not misinterpret. Or entertain yourself. If you do not like, do not read.

Some more blah blah:

The site and its content are based on collective views of several intellectuals of past and present, and does not necessarily mean that authors or administrators or owners of the site agree to all the content in part or complete. Remedies or health solutions provided must be followed only after approval from a competent physician. We do not intend to replace established medical practices.

The purpose of the site is to promote peace, non-violence, tolerance, friendship, unity, prosperity, happiness and integrity in an honest yet creative manner. All content in the site should be evaluated from this perspective alone. All words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and posts are figurative expressions for these ideals alone and are not to be taken literally.

May the truth prevail!

Please also note that there is NO other official site of the FGR on internet. While we may use content from other sites and pages, and many of them endorse the FGR, they are separate from the FGR. We may not agree completely with their ideology, approach or direction.


Also note that the comments on this site are rarely moderated manually to respect freedom of speech in public domain. Comments have been enabled on the site to support free exchange of ideas and thoughts. However the comments of various visitors DO NOT imply that the FGR site admins are endorsing those comments. Kindly do not consider them to be views of the FGR.


We do not support piracy. We make best endeavor to not allow plagiarism or use pirated content. However for various reasons, including lack of clarity on ownership status of easily available content on public domain, at times, out of mistake some copyrighted content may have been used. Since the site is maintained, managed, edited, moderated by a team of volunteers (refer next section), it is impossible for us to track or identify the source of the mistake. We are not liable for any legal damages whatsoever for it. What we recommend is to contact us with all evidences of content ownership. We would review the same and remove the relevant content.

Content responsibility

The FGR content is maintained, managed, edited, moderated by a team of volunteers. The volunteers keep changing from time to time and we do not keep track of them at any point in time. It is impossible for us to monitor any content because:

  • it is not humanly possible for us
  • we believe in self-censorship
  • we trust humanity in general and consider each individual to be responsible for their acts
  • a vast number of volunteers work under pseudonyms and we do not even know their real identity. We are not even interested in their real identities because our focus is on principles mentioned earlier and not individuals.

It is likely that some content may be posted by some volunteer on one of the many platforms that is against law of land or infringement of copyright. We are not responsible for that in any manner. We are also not in a position to identify the individual(s) responsible for it. The FGR has nothing to do with such content even if it claims to be posted on behalf of The FGR, or by The FGR, or on The FGR platforms.

However, The FGR is proactively against piracy and respects law of the land. If you come across such content on thefgr.com, please Contact us with comprehensive and conclusive proofs of violation. We will remove the same from thefgr.com website or the platform that we control.

Please note that most platforms are not controlled or managed by us. They are managed by volunteers, supporters and fans, and we do not have any access to them. We will however request the administrators of concerned platform on which offending content was posted to remove the content. It will be impossible for us to showcase proof of our communication with them. Or guarantee that the content will be removed. What you must do is to directly contact the administrators of such platforms and coordinate with them. The FGR is no way responsible or involved or liable to be involved in this process. Nor is The FGR liable for any damages whatsoever out of such content.

We do not support anything that is against law of the land.

This film…sorry, all we write or wrote so far…is a work of evidence…sorry, fiction. We do not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect or religion. All names, characters and incidents portrayed in this film…sorry, whatever we write….are actual….sorry, fictitious. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely deliberate…sorry, coincidental.”
“We do not apologize for the truths…sorry, mistakes in the disclaimer. Hence we humbly accept them, display them and correct them.”

Those offended by content or theme are free to avoid it.

Standard Disclaimer

Please read any alphabet of the site only if you completely understand the entire disclaimer and agree to it.

(For purpose of the disclaimer, thefgr.com or The FGR or site owners refer to same entity)

1. Acceptance of our Terms

By visiting the website thefgr.com, viewing, accessing or otherwise using any of the services or information created, collected, compiled or submitted to thefgr.com, you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions of Service. If you do not want to be bound by our Terms your only option is not to visit, view or otherwise use the services of thefgr.com. You understand, agree and acknowledge that these Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you and thefgr.com and that your use of thefgr.com shall indicate your conclusive acceptance of this agreement.

2. Provision of Services

You agree and acknowledge that thefgr.com is entitled to modify, improve or discontinue any of its services at its sole discretion and without notice to you even if it may result in you being prevented from accessing any information contained in it. Furthermore, you agree and acknowledge that thefgr.com is entitled to provide services to you through subsidiaries or affiliated entities.

3. Proprietary Rights

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4. Submitted Content

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5. Termination of Agreement

The Terms of this agreement will continue to apply in perpetuity until terminated by either party without notice at any time for any reason. Terms that are to continue in perpetuity shall be unaffected by the termination of this agreement.

6. Disclaimer of Warranties

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7. Limitation of Liability

You understand and agree that thefgr.com and any of its subsidiaries or affiliates shall in no event be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages. This shall include, but not be limited to damages for loss of profits, business interruption, business reputation or goodwill, loss of programs or information or other intangible loss arising out of the use of or the inability to use the service, or information, or any permanent or temporary cessation of such service or access to information, or the deletion or corruption of any content or information, or the failure to store any content or information. The above limitation shall apply whether or not thefgr.com has been advised of or should have been aware of the possibility of such damages. In jurisdictions where the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages is not allowed the liability of agniveer.com is limited to the greatest extent permitted by law.

8. External Content

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10. Entire Agreement

You understand and agree that the above Terms constitute the entire general agreement between you and agniveer.com. You may be subject to additional Terms and conditions when you use, purchase or access other services, affiliate services or third-party content or material.

11. Changes to the Terms

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By reading any alphabet of the site, you agree that you will not charge thefgr.com for any objectionable content either in court of law or otherwise. Viewing any content of the site is a conscious choice of the visitor.

Please make sure you agree with all of what is written above before you type a single alphabet as comment or even read a single alphabet of site.

Also read Agniveer License information if you plan to use our content in any manner. We take unauthorized use of content very seriously. All clause of that license applies. Just replace Agniveer with The FGR.

We know you would have not read or understood the entire Disclaimer. We did not either. It is so cryptic! A lot of portion was created from open-source samples available, but the real cryptic part was created by us. But still everything applies. Hence, if you proceed to read any further, you are doing so totally at your own risk. And agree that thefgr.com is no way liable for anything that happens to you or others because of you. You also agree that if you still troll, abuse, criticize, question, threaten, challenge The FGR, then you are someone who is spineless moron, hostile …think of all the worst abuses and expletives you know or your friends know of.

Once more, we strongly appeal to close this site and have fun elsewhere on internet. We have written all this to prevent ourselves from any liabilities. And entertainment purpose only.