Q. If you claim that your religion has equality for women, why can one person marry 2/3/4 women?

Brother Zakir Naik: The Brother has asked a very good question that why can a man marry 2/3/4 women…

According to our book, chapter no 9-2-11 verse no 420 which says- To prove equality, there should be more than one women. If there is only one woman, how can she be declared equal? Equal to whom?

I ask you brother, if I say that your goat is equal, there must be another goat I must be equating your goat to. Thus it is necessary to allow 2/3/4 wives to prove equality.

Same logic applies for peace. To prove that we believe in peace, first there must be violence and then only we can establish peace. So we spread violence first.

Hope that answers your question.


  1. POLYGAMY, because a Woman can get:
    – Menstruation Cycles
    – Illness
    – Attitude
    – Pregnancy
    – Ageing
    – Mood Swings
    – Children to take care
    And Men can’t wait to have SEX

    So, have More (Four) Equal Wives…

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