Peaceful: You are divided in castes, lol.

Non Peaceful: Yes, that is our mistake and we have to rectify it. But peacefuls have following divides

– Divine divide of peaceful and non peaceful as per ‘divine’ book

– Divide of sects

– Divide of castes (in Asia)

– Divide of race (Arab and Non Arab)

– Divide of gender

And worst part is that peacefuls are killing each other in these divides foolishly thinking themselves to be God’s chosen warriors. Non Peacefuls at least don’t bomb others/self.

Peaceful: You hurt mah feelings.

Non Peaceful: We will remove discrimination from our society, which is already in process. But you must also introspect.


Peaceful didn’t turn the CAPS LOCK on. He kept on thinking and thinking….

Shared by Non Peaceful Ujjwal Kumar Choudhary

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