Ram did not Exist? Pigeral vs Hindu!

Super Seculars and Laal Chaddhi JNU gang : Ram did not exist.

Hindu: How can you say that?

SS & LC: There is no proof of his existence. And unless it is proved scientifically that someone existed, he didn’t exist. And we will expose it everywhere.

Hindu: Okay Laal Chaddhi, and we believe your family was into prostitution in 16th century. All your male and female ancestors were pimps and prostitutes respectively.

SS & LC: Oye kutte how dare you say this?

Hindu: There is no proof of their innocence. And unless you bring their character certificate attested by the then District Magistrate, they will remain characterless for us. See we go by scientific and administrative proofs only.

SS & LC:

Hindu: Why silent?

SS & LC: You right wing terrorist, Savarkar ideology, RSS agent, you are uncivilized and we dont debate illiterates.

Hindu: Buzz off, Laal Chaddhi. Your days are over.

SS & LC won debate and Hindu celebrated his defeat with crackers!

Happy Diwali to all!

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