Pigeral’s Love for Haider Movie! AFSPA is Chutzpah!

Super Liberal: ‪#‎Haider‬ is a classic art movie.

Indian: It mocks Indian Army. It says there is not much difference b/w AFSPA and Chutzpah.

SL: Oh man, you jingoist, it just talked about similar pronunciation of the two words. Take it easy.

Indian: Ok. There is not much difference b/w your mother and a prostitute.

SL: Oye kutte, zuban sambhal ke baat kar, tujhe court me le jaunga (hey dog, mind your language or else I will take you to court).

Indian: I was just talking about same no of head, legs, hands and fingers your mom and a prostitute have.


Indian: Why silent?

SL: You jingoist, hyper nationalist, you never understand art and freedom of expression. Go to hell.

Super Liberal wins debate.

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