Q. Explain the relevance of ‘all characters in the movie are fictitious and bear no resemblance with real life..’ message at start of Bollywood movies.


1. Brave Ajay Singh Rathod of Sarfarosh loved India so much that he fought enemies single-handed. In real life, he doesn’t feel safe in India due to intolerance.

2. PK hates temples, offerings and religious superstitions in PK. PK is found visiting Hajj, doing offerings, kissing good stones, throwing stones at bad stones in real life.

3. Terrorist Roohdar of Haider grooms terrorists to destroy India in movie. In real life, he thanks God that he is born in India and not some religious fanatic country and he can speak his mind without any cleric’s fear.

4. Religious fanatic Pathan of Aan-Men at Work takes lives of innocents. In real life, he is questioning his co-religionists the logic of taking lives of innocents in name of God.

Choose your heroes carefully, Indians.


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