Why Does FGR Thrash Peaceful Religion Only?

Peacefuls, if you know that we are talking about you without taking your name, you agree you do what we are claiming you do. So better change yourself.

ISIS has Nothing to Do With Isl*m – Litmus Test

Litmus test for Peacefuls across globe. Time to prove that ISIS has nothing to do with Isl*m. 3 quick tests. Come, pass it and get certificate of innocence.

Why FGR?

Know the purpose behind FGR.

If Cow is Your Mother is Bull your Daddy- Peaceful asks Hindu

Peacefuls ask Hindu- if cow is your mother, is bull your father. 10 Peacefuls died of heart-attack after reading response from FGR!

3 Laws of Peaceful Halal slaughtering

Why peaceful kills animals.

But Theory of Butthurt Peaceful in India

Peaceful hates every single thing in his country. BUT he loves his country. Peaceful's But anthem explained!

Eye for an Eye Makes Whole World Blind, Really?

Eye for an eye is wrong. Both eyes for an eye is correct.

I Love my Country But… For How Long Will India Survive?

What will happen in India in next 20 years in light of what happened in last 50 years.

2 Laws of Peaceful Religion

You must know this.

My Name is Peaceful I am not a Terrorist and I am in Jail

Peaceful is most innocent creature of solar system. But he is found in jail mostly. What's the matter?