Why Does FGR Thrash Peaceful Religion Only?

If our posts hurt you, know that these were meant for you!

Q: Why do you criticize only one religion?

A. One day a teacher shouted in class- pigs in gutter are dirty. All students said- Yes Madam. But a student stood up and yelled back- ‘You are insulting me and my family’. Everybody started laughing at him.

This is the story of those who get hurt by our posts. WE NEVER TAKE NAMES OF ANY RELIGIONS. Despite this, they get hurt. Why? If condemnation of violence, polygamy, rape, slavery, hell and hatred hurts you or amounts to an insult to your religion, problem lies with you. Better change yourself or your religion than abusing us. We are not going to stop bashing violence/ polygamy/ rape/ slavery/ hell/hatred lovers. If that makes us XYZo-fobic, we are proud to be ones.

Thank You
Team FGR

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