Happy Diwali Message from FGR!

Diwali message from Team FGR!

ISIS has Nothing to Do With Isl*m – Litmus Test

Litmus test for Peacefuls across globe. Time to prove that ISIS has nothing to do with Isl*m. 3 quick tests. Come, pass it and get certificate of innocence.

Eye for an Eye Makes Whole World Blind, Really?

Eye for an eye is wrong. Both eyes for an eye is correct.

Mother in Day, Virgins in Night – Peaceful’s Life

Peaceful will enjoy 72 virgins in heaven. Peaceful's father will enjoy 72 too. But what will Peaceful's mother get? Find out.

2 Laws of Peaceful Religion

You must know this.

But Theory of Butthurt Peaceful in India

Peaceful hates every single thing in his country. BUT he loves his country. Peaceful's But anthem explained!

10 signs of a peaceful

10 Hard hitting facts peaceful doesn't like.

Peaceful’s Open Letter to the World

Do you know why Peaceful demands quota in education and jobs despite being most competent creature on planet?

3 Laws of Peaceful Halal slaughtering

Why peaceful kills animals.

Why FGR?

Know the purpose behind FGR.