10 signs of a peaceful

1. He will mock others on wastage of money on crackers BUT will give thousand reasons to justify wastage of million lives in name of God.

2. He will be hell bent in proving that plants feel pain and animals don’t. But in the end he will be seen eating both and killing humans.

3. He will make fun of others’ beliefs of ‘animal’ cow being mother of humans BUT will become philosopher when asked about hands, legs, hair and a$$ of his ‘formless’ God mentioned in his holy books.

4. He will call idols of others as stone, dirty and false BUT will bow, kiss and circumambulate his black stone situated in desert.

5. He will claim to get 100/100 in afterlife (that nobody has seen) BUT fails to get even 33/100 in normal exams in this life.

6. He will show scientific errors in your books w/o knowing even iota of science and language of your book.

7. He will show all scientific inventions in his book BUT will be seen demanding quota in college admissions because normal cut off is too high for him.

8. He will tell you that his community has ruled India for 1000 years BUT will demand job quota because his community has been suppressed for centuries.

9. He will claim to love this nation more than you BUT will hate Vande Mataram, local heroes, culture, history, people, faith and everything related to it.

10. He will always utter that his religion gives utmost respect to women and heaven lies under mother’s feet BUT will never talk about the rights of 70+ virgins with big bosoms in heaven who will never become sisters, mothers, daughters and wife of anyone and will remain sex slaves of a jhakki pervert till eternity.


  1. 11. He will say that his holy book gives lot of rights to women. Yet they cannot question him if he marries 4 times, sleeps with his goat, beats them or even gets a child bride or keep sex slaves.
    12. He will say that his religion does not discriminate on the basis of caste. But considers other sect in his religion inferior.

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