Blood in Name of Mata- Debate with a Hindu

Rationalist: Hey Bro, is your Mata (Goddess) your mother alone or mother of all?

Mata Bhakt: She is mother of all creatures.

Rationalist: Ok, but then why do some of you behead Her children (animals) in Her name?

Mata Bhakt: To please her. Our religious leaders ask us to do it.

Rationalist: What if some people come to you and say that your mother has a wish to get you beheaded by your own brother?

Mata Bhakt: My mother can’t say it. I am her son. How can she get me killed?

Rationalist: And how do you think that Mother of all would have ever said it?

Mata Bhakt:

Rationalist: Why silent?

Mata Bhakt: I lost debate. But what if Mata gets angry?

Rationalist: Mata will be proud of you that you are now protecting Her children instead of killing them.

Mata Bhakt: Jai Mata Di!

Mata Bhakt wins debate.


    • Exactly, it is created to show the difference of reaction between a peaceful & non-peaceful after a theological debate . 🙂

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