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Peacefuls : Why are security agencies, public and rest of world after us Peacefuls? In jails, many Peacefuls are kept for no reason. After 5 years, courts release them saying they are innocents. Who will return their lost years, hain?

FGR : Here is the answer. Read carefully. Agencies, people and whole world spy on you because

1. You look like terrorists.

2. You have beard.

3. You don’t have mustache.

4. You have skullcap.

95 out of top 100 most wanted in world have similar characteristics.

5. You follow same book that terrorists follow.

6. You follow same role model that terrorists follow.

7. You recite same prayers that terrorists recite.

8. You recite same prayers same no of time as a terrorist does.

8. Your God’s name is same as that of terrorists’.

9. Names of all most dreaded terror groups in world are after your God’s name, your religion’s name, your role model’s name. For example- Peacefulic State, Lashkar e Shorba, Jaish e Hajamat, Al-Faida etc.

10. You never tried to reclaim your religion from clutches of terrorists. You fought the world instead for having peacefulophobia.

11. You declare hell for all Non Peacefuls but when asked about Osama and Baghdadi, you say Wallah knows the best coz heaven-hell lies with Wallah’s wish.

12. You try to convert the civilized and tolerant people to your religion in their countries but you never allow them to convert your Peaceful people to other religions.

13. You give death penalty for someone who leaves your religion.

14. Converting people from other tolerant faiths tops your agenda list when your fellow coreligionists behead/rape/enslave helpless innocents.

15. Your agenda is not protection of minorities but conversion of minorities.

16. You practice polygamy. Terrorists too practice polygamy.

17. You claim you have right to beat wife. Terrorists beat wives.

18. You cover your women completely. Terrorists do same.

19. You say slavery is fine as it was practiced by profit. Terrorists enslave women and children.

20. You marry cousins. Terrorists marry cousins.

21. You take bath on Friday. Terrorist takes bath on Friday.

22. Your mouth stinks. Terrorist’s stinks too.

And so on… (list is endless)

When similarities are that much, every sane person will take caution dealing with you. Now stop being crying b*tches and distance yourself from terror cult. Then only this world will accept you. Or else get ready for more humiliation, jokes and persecution. If you are a b*tch, Karma is a dog.

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