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1. Give birth to some 5-6 children in your country- Syria/ Iraq

2. Raise them teaching that all non-Musl*ms are worst of creatures, worthy of being hated. For they worship false gods and follow false religions.

3. Enjoy when your countrymen kill Kafirs (non-Musl*ms) in bomb blasts in Europe, India and rest of world. Celebrate it as victory of Isl*m.

4. Fund the extremist groups in name of Zakat to carry out more terror acts in Kafirs’ land. This article belongs to The FGR.

5. Then one day, the snakes you nurtured to bite others for Isl*m start realizing that you are not Musl*ms enough.

6. When they form ISIS, start beheading your men and raping your women, start crying. In parallel, keep repeating that this has nothing to do with Isl*m and Isl*m is religion of peace.

7. When you find it impossible to survive with snakes you nurtured once, start begging in front of Kafir world for seeking refuge as the fellow Musl*m countries do not take refugees.

8. When Europe, despite your extreme hatred for them, their faith and lifestyle, opens its gates for you, board the train leaving behind your women to get raped by ISIS, arrive at Kafir’s land.

9. The moment you see cute girls on railway stations to receive you with placards like- Welcome Home, its your home etc, know that you have arrived among people who can be fooled and exploited very easily.

10. Start demanding special rights, laws and privileges as if you have done something special and good for society.

11. When their doctors, nurses, support staff, neighbors etc, out of sheer trust and empathy for you, come in contact with you and try to help you, grab some cute women out of them, gang-rape them, bite their breasts and leave them on road-side in the morning.

12. If someone asks you why you did that, tell that

a. We were frustrated
b. We are victims
c. The girl wanted it. She was drunk. She approached us with sexy white legs/thighs exposed in short skirt.
d. We are missing home…

13. Don’t forget to call anybody who opposes your rapacious behavior a racist. As soon as you do that, whole bunch of fake liberals (Pigerals) will start dancing naked on streets to explain to the world that how it is difficult for immigrants to cope with cultural shock and past memories. This article belongs to The FGR.

14. Start grabbing women on roads, swimming pools and outside colleges. The more you do it, the more right wing people will oppose it and the more liberal brigades will come for your rescue.

15. Start demanding for Saria-Cement laws saying it is Haram (non-permissible) for a Musl*m to live under Kafir laws.

16. By this time, liberals will propose government to start a special education drive for you. That implies you will get another chance to be close to cute girls. Your pedophilic instincts are going to be on new heights when you get to know that you will be admitted to normal schools where you will be sitting next to normal children- both boys and girls. And thus, you will have chance to exploit children too.

17. Keep populating their countries by breeding like rats.

18. After few decades, when your population becomes significant, start abducting women and children. Convert men by force.

19. Make the country, that gave you refuge once like mother, a shit hole.

20. Die one day to enjoy 72 virgin goats in paradise.

The end



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